Training Blueprint

'How To Launch Your Own Public Domain
Business in 7 Days Or Less BLUEPRINT'

In this training you'll be given the EXACT step by step blueprint to launching your own Public Domain product business in 7 days or LESS.

This unique fast start training will show you:-

  • How to research your niche market
  • Choosing your book and editing it
  • Creating a killer sales letter
  • Setting up a website
  • How to take payments online
  • Using Autoresponders for maximum profits
  • Marketing for your first sale & beyond...

Just think, in a very short time from now you could have your own website up online taking orders and putting money into your bank account. Value $97



The second part of this unique offer is a DVD that will give you a behind the scenes look at a $100k+ Public Domain Business!

This is a one on one, in person, interview I did with a VERY successful online marketer (who we'll call Mr X for now) who uses Public Domain information extensively in his own business.

His first online success came from using a handful of Public Domain books that went on to sell as much as $10,235 in a month and they continue to sell to this day nearly five years later.

In a special session I interviewed Mr X one on one about another of his other Public Domain businesses that has a product line ranging from an introductory $67 product right through to his new $2,500+ back end product.


There was no-where to hide as I grilled him about this business, how he started it, how he created his products and how he markets them.

The small group of people who were present at the interview were given the opportunity to ask him any questions about his business which Mr X answered in full.

Mr X even detailed how he managed to license a product from a MAJOR company giving him the exclusive rights to sell the product online...the cost for this license...?

...all is revealed on this VERY exclusive DVD.

WARNING Due to the information revealed in this interview Mr X has asked me not to offer many copies of this DVD & CD set. As he is a close friend of mine I have agreed to remove this DVD from the set very soon.
Value $197

That's a total real world value of $294 just for taking a
30 day test drive of Public Domain For Profit.

During your 30 day trial you'll have FULL and UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to all of the special Public Domain For Profit Membership Site.

Public Domain For Profit (PDFP) does exactly what it says and gives you direct, searchable access to a wealth of books, articles, tools, tutorials, strategies, advice and information about PROFITING from Public Domain material.

As well as giving you Four (and often more) Public Domain books, & PLR Ebook Packages and Software each month, we also show you how to use that information to develop and produce your own information products.

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Your Training Blueprint & DVD ASAP

As a member, you will get:

  • Full access to the Download Area which contains original copies of Public Domain works and PLR products that you can use to create your own information products and Derivative Works
  • Full access to Public Domain For Profit Articles which cover everything from creating a product, marketing, offline advertising, and much more
  • Marketing training courses and step by step blueprints showing you how to make sales online and grow your business whilst working less
  • Access to the Public Domain For Profit Article Archives (searchable by keyword)
  • Instant access to marketing tools that are not available anywhere else on the web
  • Free tutorials with screen capture video on how to produce your own information products, it's like looking over the shoulder of your tutor
  • Full access to the Public Domain For Profit Discussion Group where you can ask any question and post your views
  • The Public Domain For Profit Rolodex that will give you resource after resource where you can easily find Public Domain material and anything relating to it
  • Tips and strategies on Online Marketing to help you sell more
  • Tips and strategies on Offline Marketing so you can take advantage of the trend back into traditional promotion
  • A special section devoted just to Copywriting. This is a skill you have to be able to master if you want to sell your products
  • Each week we will provide a tip of the week that'll keep you up with the ever-changing world of product creation and marketing
  • And much more!

You'll have everything you will ever need to create and profit from your own information products without ever having to spend the long hours creating them yourselves!

PLUS - Immediate Access To the PDFP Coaching Support Forum where you can ask ANY questions you may have about starting, growing and profiting from your online business.

If you're stuck, need help or just want to clarify something then simply post it on the Forum and you'll have an answer back asap. We also have a great community of members who are always willing to help each other out.

If there's one thing that has always come up as a problem for budding online entrepreneurs is the ability to ask a question, or for help when it's needed. Too often we work alone and when a problem arises it can hold us back as we search for an answer.


There's no such thing as a "daft" question or a question that is too basic. If you need to know then ask away!

We're here to help.

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We Save You Time

And because we have done all the research for you (checking if there's a demand for the products we put in PDFP, searching for the books, checking copyright, ordering them, turning them into digital files, etc) there's absolutely no need for you to spend valuable time finding that elusive product.

We've eliminated the search time for GOOD quality PLR books and products as well.

Take what we've done or put your own slant on it, whichever way you choose you have products and valuable content that will save you hours and hours of long hard slog.

Get 24/7 access to all the Public Domain For Profit Member resources for the next 30 days and your bonus Step by Step Blueprint and DVD Training Set will be sent to you in the post immediately.

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